Customizing Styles

If you’re familiar with CSS, you can easily customize the HivePress styles. Use the browser web inspector to check CSS classes (e.g. press CTRL + Shift + I for Chrome) to inspect the template structure and add custom CSS code accordingly.

Customizing Layouts

If it’s not possible to customize some layout using CSS, you can override HivePress layouts by placing template files inside the “hivepress” folder within the current theme folder. For example, you can override the single listing layout by placing hivepress/listing/content-single.php file within the theme folder and then customize it. You can find a list of […]

Customizing Emails

Email texts can be changed in the HivePress > Settings section. Each email has a few placeholders that you can use (e.g. %user_name% will be replaced with user name), hover on the info icon to view them. By default all emails are set in plain text. If you’re familiar with HTML and want to set […]

Hook Reference

If you’re familiar with PHP, you can use hooks to alter or extend the HivePress functionality. Actions Core Actions hivepress/core/activate_plugin Fires when HivePress or an add-on is activated. Component Actions hivepress/component/init_{$settings_type} Fires when component settings are initialized, accepts the following arguments: $settings – Array of component settings. $name – Component name. Form Actions hivepress/form/submit_form/{$form_id} Fires […]

HivePress is an extensible, highly customizable, easy-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you build any kind of directory or classifieds website.